Las Vegas

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Big dining room with aquarium
Grand entrance

Las Vegas - Seafood in the Heart of Vegas

In the luxurious Rush Tower in the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, diners will find Chart House Las Vegas. Brimming with class, the fantastic dining room features a stunning centerpiece - the 75,000 gallon aquarium sports a variety of exotic fish. Guests marvel at Striped Sweetlips, Convict Tang, Humpnose Unicorns and Slingjaw Wrasse fish, swimming in a deep blue tank reminiscent of ocean waters. Sip on cocktails during Las Vegas' most famous happy hour, all while appreciating the beauty of our restaurant.

When it comes to seafood restaurants, Chart House's cuisine is a sure jackpot. The menu boasts tempting classics like Mac Nut Mahi, Wicked Tuna, our ever-popular Clam Chowder, and the best Prime Rib Las Vegas has tasted.